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03/05/2007 Archived Entry: "The BBC looks at global warming"

THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE will be aired by BBC's Channel 4 on Thursday, March 8. An impressive roster of scientists - experts in climatology, oceanography, meteorology, environmental science, biogeography and paleoclimatology - argue that global warming proponents have confused cause and effect. Atmospheric CO2 is rising because the oceans are warming, releasing gigatons of formerly dissolved gas.

Silver here. I had no knowledge of this program when I wrote that "Global Warming" is a delusional belief system. Director Martin Durkin has done us all a favor by discovering the origin of the disease.

The program traces the current government-funded frenzy to Margaret Thather's state-funded search for an "environmental" reason to build more nuclear power plants, which release no CO2 or other greenhouse gas - an "inconvenient truth" that most environmentalists pointedly refuse to acknowledge.

The argument that global warming elitism is dooming African economies to strangulation with the most expensive forms of energy, while discouraging or forbidding the construction of large coal-fired power plants to provide abundant, affordable electric power is sure to provoke some howls of outrage.

One doesn't have to follow the money very far to realize that global warming is nothing more than a new argument for global control - giving the state license to dictate energy use, and hence quality of life, to all 6 billion inhabitants of Earth.

Perhaps the most important lesson is that science, unlike politics, does not depend on consensus. Votes don't matter, mandates don't matter. Science seeks to discover how our world and our universe works, and its history is full of examples of isolated dissenters who were ultimately proven correct.

In the review article 'Global Warming Is Lies' Claims Documentary director Martin Durkin predicts that "in five years the idea that the greenhouse effect is the main reason behind global warming will be seen as total bollocks." I hope he is proven correct, and that the state-sanctioned religion of environmentalism never recovers from that defeat.

Posted by Silver @ 06:30 AM CST

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