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12/08/2006 Archived Entry: "Best Buy work schedule"

Corporation breaking away from the timeclock?

Raving Reporter Thunder here.

Happy Holidays to you readers out there. Many of you are like I am, wage-slaving yourself day in and day out. As Claire has pointed out in How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You, it's not beneficial or healthy and it's just plain not natural to be tied in a cubicle from 9-5 day in and day out. Life isn't organized in neat little timeblocks like that. Life is organic and flowing and whenever you interrupt that flow, things just don't go as they should.

It seems that Best Buy is trying to help its corporate office employees break out of this unnatural mold by utilizing what it calls ROWE, or Results Oriented Work Environment. In a nutshell, employees are encouraged to come to and leave work when they want to. Their performance is judged on their respective productivity, not how many hours they showed up for.

Novel concept, eh? To be judged by the content of their work, not the outward appearance of showing up.....

Let's see if this concept catches on. Could end up being another example of how allowing people freedom and responsibility works much better than force and rigid schedules.

Posted by Thunder @ 01:37 PM CST

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