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11/24/2005 Archived Entry: "Happy Thanksgiving"


For days I've been planning a long blog entry for today, listing the many, many things I'm grateful for -- beginning with my friends, the TCF community and readers of this blog and extending outward to the awesome vault of stars newly revealed this week by the logging of the land next door to Cabin Sweet Cabin. I was going to celebrate the love of dogs, the generosity of ... oh, a dozen or more great hearts, the glory of the sunrise that blazed over the treetops this morning, the peace of my hilltop, Debra's wicked humor ...

But it's too overwhelming. Even in a country rapidly descending into police-state hell, there is still more to be thankful for than to dread. In my small, sometimes worry-filled, sometimes depressed life, there's more beauty and joy than I can quite cope with today. So no long bloglist. I just hope that your day is as happy and peaceful as mine.

Oh yeah, and since this is the grand kickoff of Food Season, don't forget my recipe for Decadent Potato Casserole. :-)

Posted by Claire @ 10:07 AM CST

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