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03/26/2007 Archived Entry: "Making money off fascism"

THE CORPORATE-SECURITY COMPLEX has just reached a new low. The TSA is now selling ads at airport checkpoints, including ads in the little bins where you have to dump all your worldly goods. Taxes and control just aren't enough any more. The fedgov must make a profit off destroying the Fourth Amendment. And the media is concerned only that this might be "distracting"?

But hey, why not? Security theater (Bruce Schneier's coinage) has been driven by business interests right from the start. With terror databases quadrupling, just think of the growing opportunities! Maybe Weight Watchers or Curves could place ads on those body-scan machines and give out free coupons to obese passengers -- which is all of us, given how lumpy our naked bodies look to the TSA screeners. The possibilities are limitless. Someday, perhaps, your corporate brand could even appear on the forehead of "approved" passengers everywhere.

(Thanks to LS for the link to the terror database. No doubt, LS, you're one of the names in it.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:29 AM CST

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