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03/14/2007 Archived Entry: "Photocopiers the new ID-theft risk"

QUESTION IS, WHY WAS THIS "FEATURE" EVER ADDED to photocopiers in the first place without the very obviously needed data-protection safeguards?

This is yet another example of the how impossible it is for ordinary people to be on guard against all the dangers presented by third-party technologies. Now just watch: as rapidly as the photocopier companies rush to add automatic data overwrites or encryption to protect product users, Congress (at the behest of the FBI, CIA, and NSA) will rush to pass the Photocopier Data Retention Act of 2008 to ensure that terrrorists, child-molesters, money-launderers and other Villains du Jour can't erase their Kinko's records.

(Thanks to Nuclear Druid, who posted the linked article at TCF.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:56 AM CST

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