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03/15/2007 Archived Entry: "The strange confession of Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed"

NO DOUBT HE IS A DOUBLE-DYED BASTARD and a cold-blooded murderer. But why does the confession of Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed remind me so much of the results obtained by the Los Angeles Police Department in the famous old joke?

ADDED: At the moment I was posting the above, Jim Bovard was typing me a message on the same subject. Sez Jim (with permission): "You torture a dude for 5 years and then it is 'news' he confesses? I'm just surprised he didn't admit being on the Grassy Knoll on 11/22/1963."

Yeah. How'd the interrogators miss that one? And Jim and I both muttered about the confessions extracted before Stalinist show-trials, too. But in the post-911 era, with its craven media, bringing those up would just be too very unPC. Not to mention useless, since our dumbed-down citizenry has no idea what Stalinist show-trials were, even though we're watching history repeat itself now.

Posted by Claire @ 08:55 AM CST

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