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03/15/2007 Archived Entry: "Operation Kidsafe SafeStart Event! (Gag!)"

HEY, ALL YOU PATRIOTIC, SECURITY-CONSCIOUS AMERICANS! Holding a special sale or a grand opening for your business? Well, guess what? You, too, can increase your bottom line by doing something Very Special For the Children, thanks to Our Fingerprintin' Friends at Operation KidSafe. (Note the BIIIIIG tall buildings covered in American flags? Is that a Really Cool subtle patriotic message about the dangers we face from all those Evil Outsiders, or what?)

You've heard about these Fantastic Nationwide Tot-Printing Events. But did you know that you, too, could Drive Traffic to Your Event or Move More Cars At Your Dealership and have a Great Family-Friendly Promotion by fingerprinting kiddies? I didn't know, either, until Jim Bovard shared the following Really! Exciting! News Release! with me. But now ... well, I just can't tell you how overjoyed I am. And I just can't wait! Maybe next year we can have DNA-collection events to promote sub-prime mortgages! Iris-scanning to sell more french fries! Or how about educational faux arrests sponsored by Corrections Corporation of America to teach families to support their local for-profit drug warriors?

Isn't American go-gettiveness just wonderful? Oh, and by the way, when you read all about how Operation Kidsafe SafeStart Events are "serving" kids and families, it would be shockingly unAmerican of you to think of any old Twilight Zone episodes. Keep Your Thoughts Loyal and Your Kids SAFE! And keep those used cars moving!

Begin forwarded news release from Operation Kidsafe. (I am not responsible for any of the text below this line.)

Operation Kidsafe SafeStart Event!

Now looking for a sponsor in your market.
Want a showcase program for a grand opening? Have us as your focus for Kids Night at the Arena. Looking for a great family event ? Operation Kidsafe profiles your company as a leader for children. Great traffic = increased sales!!!!

Hundreds of references available nationwide.

The Iowa Stars hockey team hosted the event for a weekend home stand. They focused on young fans and made it a great kids weekend at the rink. Over 600 families were served.. The fans were impressed that the Stars did this foir their kids!!!!
Matt Swim
Marketing Director
Iowa Stars Hockey
Des Moines, IA Hockey Team

We served over 5000 children at the Illinois State fair sponsors by the Sec. of State. The machine was set up in their tent and brought families in for the service and additional safety information from the Sec. of State.
Jesse White
Illinois Sec. of State State Fair

"We had over 800 children at our event for two days. As a great bonus we also sold 46 cars. About three times what we normally would have sold. We had families every where!"
Ray Voyda - Co Owner
Freedom Chevrolet (full letter on file)
217-965-3327 Auto Dealer

"Great for sales and dealership image. The local radio interviews and public service announcements were a huge success. I am proud to say that York Chrysler-Kia will be the exclusive site for Operation Kidsafe in the York, PA area for years to come."
Jeff Staub-GM
York Chrysler-Kia (full letter on file)
717-846-2222 Auto Dealer

"Over 450 families. We used one of our large RV's as the fingerprinting center. Every parent had to tour the product! Had all 4 major TV stations cover the event. A media bonanza!"
Edd Leach-Owner
Leach Camper Sales Omaha/Council Bluffs Market
712-366-2581 RV Dealer

"We hosted Operation Kidsafe to help generate traffic for our cash and carry massive flooring sale. A huge turnout and record sales. Well worth the small investment. Families flock to this event"
Ron Metzger
Metzger Flooring Center
217-774-7711 Flooring Center


"We hosted the Kidsafe Event during our local Swedish Days festival. Very strong results. High quality program."
Brian Griffin - Marketing Director
Delnor Community Hospital
630-208-3994 Hospital

* We have been granted the rights to take this technology on the road for an appearance at your location.
* These machines are dedicated to only fingerprinting children world-wide.
* Local press enjoys covering this story and helping get the word out about this World Class equipment.
* Your company will be in the local child safety spotlight.
* We ask all local radio stations for Public Service Announcements on your behalf.
* We handle the press releases and media follow-up.
* Operation KidSafe trained Staff Technician will attend your event and work with families.
* We contact local schools and request that a parent notice go home with each student.
* All supplies, staff fee, and equipment are included as a part of the program.
* 10,000 flyers distributed to Schools, day cares and churches or as newspaper inserts.
* Your company name is displayed on each bio document that parent takes home.

We want information on Operation Kidsafe if it is still available in our area.
Fax this form to 217-529-6427 and we will send you a full sponsor package..

Company Name _ Contact _

City State

Phone _ Fax

Operation Kidsafe
2335 Chesapeake Landing Springfield, IL 62712
Phone 217-585-4061( Toll free phone 866-962-5487 ( Fax 217-529-6427


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