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01/08/2007 Archived Entry: "Beautiful new Wolfesblog Amazon.com bookstore"

OOOOH! TAKE A LOOK at the new Amazon.com bookstore Thunder just designed for Wolfesblog! It's a beauty. In one whirlwind afternoon of activity on Sunday, blogista Thunder completely replaced our clunky old books page with a shiny, colorful, quick-to-clickthrough Amazon aStore.

The new store is far easier to update, too. So we can add new books, DVDs, survival gear and other items without months of my procrastinations. (A thread for your recommendations is already on The Claire Files Forums.)

Any time you enter Amazon.com though any link on this site, Wolfesblog is credited and receives a small commission (starting at 4 percent) on anything you purchase during that visit. Costs you nothing. No privacy violations (since we never see who ordered, only a list of overall orders). Helps keep us blogging. But for sure, the aStore shopping experience is most fun way to begin an Amazon.com shop.

I liked what Dull'Hawk said at TCF. Instead of a generic Amazon.com link bookmarked in his browser, he has a Wolfesblog Amazon.com link (like this one directly to the aStore or this one to the main Amazon site) . Click -- and every time he enters Amazon he's cheering on Wolfesblog.

Posted by Claire @ 09:41 AM CST

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