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01/29/2007 Archived Entry: "This is just weird"

This is just weird. Debra here. For some reason, I seem to be a lost-dog magnet.

This weekend we had dinner at a friend's house. As we stepped outside to leave, a dark shape darted away from the garbage bag it had been gnawing. "It was a Rottweiler!" said one of our party. Gasps heard all around, and the small children were quickly herded into the house. "He took off that way," said someone.

We grabbed a flashlight and shone it back and forth. Nothing. As we turned to go back into the house, the light reflected off the side of the house .... and the Rottweiler sitting right next to it, not ten feet away.

I've never been overly bright when it comes to dogs. I crouched down and began baby-talking to it. After a few tentative movements and submissive stances, the rottie inched closer to me. ("Not the face," I thought to myself. "Bite me anywhere but the face....")

Suddenly he bounded the last few steps toward me ... and began licking my face frantically. Everyone else started crowding around, and after a moment The Noob (as he's come to be known) began enthusiastically licking everyone.

The Noob's either 100% rottie or a rottie-German Shepherd mix, about 5 or 6 months old, 65lbs, and in decent shape. No collar though. We suspect he was dumped, but followed our Standard Operating Procedure: Take home, put up "found dog" signs all over town, wait a few days, contact a rescue group, find him a home.

We can't keep him because of our previously mentioned dogs -- especially the German Shepherd, who's a real jerk to everyone but our family (in fact, I have the Noob at the office with me right now to prevent him from being eaten). But oooooh, is he a sweetie pie. Can't get enough love.

He's also housebroken and good with other non-jerk dogs (my Aussie and he are now best buddies). He's intact, so his new owner will need to get him neutered.

Anybody need a dog?

Posted by Debra @ 09:45 AM CST

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