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01/30/2007 Archived Entry: "Clients of Guananamo lawyers stand up for liberty and due process"

MAYBE THERE'S HOPE FOR US YET. In the weeks since the Bushevik administration took its cheap shot at the law firms giving pro bono representation to Guantanamo POWs*, some very big U.S. corporations have struck back with statements that ring like a liberty bell. The linked article is not merely good news for the firms and the prisoners who have been denied their basic rights. It's chock full of heartening reminders that belief in due process is still strong in this land, despite the assertions of the vile usurpers currently occupying the US government.

* I keep wondering why everybody goes on calling them "detainees." Being "detained" is something you experience for a few minutes, maybe hours at most. Not five long years of isolation, waterboarding, force-feeding and even more unthinkable totalitarian abuse. These people are prisoners of war, albeit an illegal one. They're POWs even if the vast majority of them were never soldiers, and even if the Busheviks deny them both the protections of the Geneva convention and the Bill of Rights.

Posted by Claire @ 11:04 AM CST

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