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12/05/2005 Archived Entry: ""Mistakes get made" by experts while ordinary people are held responsible"

"MISTAKES GET MADE." Yes, all by themselves and always without any responsibility on the part of high government officials or their privileged contractors and friends, "mistakes get made." Or "mistakes are made." And the "appearance of wrongdoing" is created.

Poor slobs from the inner cities or the rural trailer parks of America go to prison or to the graveyard for a few ounces of dope or a little meth or for beating up some other guy on a drunken Saturday night. They're held fully, painfully, miserably, personally responsible for every tiny act they commit. "Mistakes aren't made" by high-school dropouts or

people with incomes under $20k. No, the justice system always considers those folks to be bright and knowledgeable enough to be fully aware of and fully accountable for their every deed. And woe unto you, Tyrone. And woe unto you, Billy-Bob. Your pleas for mercy, and your family's pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears. And you and yours fall on the spikes of mandatory minimums and asset forfeiture laws and the ever-more voracious prison industry.

Meanwhile, war-profiteering millionaires party, governments torture in the name of "democracy," and government spokesthings with forked tongues perform before a media that fails to question even the most obvious absurdities.

You wonder how long such a system can go on before it breaks. Before it shatters into a billion little, tiny, angry, sharp-edged pieces and cuts itself to death.

After wriring this entry, I discovered that Henshawe over at TCF had written some speculations on this strange moment in human life and freedom. While I don't grok the more mystical aspects of his writing and don't see Ragnarok in the near future, I believe Henshawe has tuned into something a lot of us have been feeling but struggling to express. We are near a breaking point, a time when sudden reality-shift is coming.

The billions will believe (and be told) that their only choice is either obedience or TV-addled apathy. The reality: The Outsiders' choice will be crucial in determining how the future flows from that crucial juncture.

(News links courtesy of Rational Review News, the Net's most excellent liberty-oriented news site, whose fundraiser is sadly still at the "Help, help, we're being oppressed" level.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:02 AM CST

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