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12/05/2005 Archived Entry: "JPFO's "Boot the BATFE" tee-shirt"

boot-tee (15k image)

SPEAKING OF EXCELLENT TEE SHIRTS as I did a couple of times last week, JPFO has just come out with a winner.

Picture yourself. Your "Boot the BATFE tee-shirt has large designs on both sides, delivers an in-your-face message, and makes trendy wearing at gun shows, shooting ranges, and federal show-trials of wrongly accused gun owners.

This is part of JPFO's campaign (in cooperation with bold gun-maker Len Savage) to deliver the knockout blows to the fedgov's second most terroristic agency, now that gun owners have finally got the evil and incompetent BATFE on the ropes.

Posted by Claire @ 09:12 AM CST

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