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08/27/2006 Archived Entry: "Department of Education SWAT raid?"

WHAT'S REALLY WEIRD about this story is this line:

What was going on was the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Inspector Generals serving a search warrant for a pell grant fraud.

There's not enough detail in this story to make clear whether this was a full-scale SWAT-type raid or merely a lesser form of overkill. But it sure wasn't two officers politely knocking on a door -- which is all the circumstances seem to merit. The Dept. of Education is now blocking off streets and conducting armed raids?

But then ... those hairdressers ... as every woman knows they can do a lot of harm with a pair of scissors and a bottle of bleach. Thank heaven we have Our Beloved Leaders to protect us.

Ah. Here's a little more on the story. Not that it makes matters any more clear. But it does make it clear that some law enforcers have been watching too damn many cop shows on TV.

Posted by Claire @ 10:21 AM CST

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