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04/17/2005 Archived Entry: "More on SNAP telephone enycryption technology"

MORE ON SNAP TELEPHONE ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY. At the end of March, I blogged information from a helpful reader on SNAPShield telephone encryption technology.

In response, I just received a message from a representative of Global-Teck Worldwide, who points us all toward related SNAP products for secure cell phone, PDA-phone, fax, conferencing, and other voice communications.

I had asked in my original entry whether the U.S. government would tolerate widespread use of encrypted telephone communications, since secure phone conversations bid to destroy the effectiveness of their much-cherished CALEA instant-wiretapping capability. Not to mention playing havoc with Echelon's info-scooping.

According to Rolando Rosas, the Global Teck rep, the U.S. fedgov not only tolerates it, but encourages it in the name of keeping business and government communications more secure. Wonder if they've considered what'll happen when us ordinary folk can speak privately via telephone?

Anyway, thanks for the word, Mr. Rosas. His full message is behind the "more" link.

From Rolando Rosas
Development Manager
Global Teck Worldwide, Inc.

I am responding to your blog on March 30, 2005 regarding Snapshield.

Global Teck Worldwide, Inc has been providing their products and encryption services for 3 years. Encryption modules can be sold individually and for those who want more robust encrypted communications can use our SecureLine Encryption with their encryption modules. These security products have been sold in over 30 countries and are being used inside the U.S. government and the private sector. Additionally, the product is also approved for export to all countries except for the “axis of evil” countries. In the U.S. we have retained approval for a special U.S. version of the original product which meets the rigorous standards of the U.S. NIST agency. This body approves all products used within the government for securing sensitive communications. This same version is available for public use by regular citizens, businesses and all those who also want to protect their communications.

Within the last few years the U.S. government has been pushing to get more U.S. companies to protect their communications inside and outside the U.S. given the big national security risks when foreign countries steal proprietary information from private businesses, institutions and individuals.

I welcome the opportunity to provide you with additional information. You and your readers can also visit our web site.

The direct link to the products is: http://www.global-teck.com/english/telecomproducts.php.

Posted by Claire @ 02:03 PM CST

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