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07/12/2005 Archived Entry: "The LP's "New Deal" for Iraq (bizarre!)"

BEEN YEARS SINCE I PAID ANY ATTENTION TO THE LP. I used to be a party activist, but since LPUS moved to DC (and into the Watergate, yet!), it was obviously treading a willful path toward its own doom. But I had no idea the Libertarian Party had fallen this far.

That's a weird document Lew Rockwell discusses. One barely-heard internal voice cries out that anyone who ever helped the LP should be outraged to see the party pompously proposing New Deal-style big-government policies (for Iraq). But the document is so pathetic! It evokes more sorrow than outrage.

A bunch of marginal, disregarded people solemnly proposing a "plan" for their masters to follow. If anyone in Congress or the White House is even aware of this thing, they're probably giggling and chortling over the absurdity of it.

The term "useful idiots" would apply here. Except nobody in his right mind could imagine the LP being useful. Useful to whom? For what?

Toadies. Sad, creeping little toadies, licking at their masters' boots and feeling important because crouching at Master's knee puts them so close to the center of power.

Posted by Claire @ 10:28 AM CST

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