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01/22/2006 Archived Entry: "Murder ain't so bad as long as you're in uniform"

IF YOU OR I INFLICTED THIS HORROR on anyone, we'd be considered first-degree murderers -- and of a particularly cruel and horrible sort. But if you wear a uniform and your "higher ups" don't tell you explicitly that it's not nice to stuff somebody head-first into a sleeping bag, clap your hand over his face, and sit on his chest until he dies ... well, then it's just a minor little accident. Mere "negligence."

Jezus flipping crackers, when are our imperial masters going to realize that someday this sort of savagery has no place among decent human beings? And when are they going to realize that this blatant double standard between the way government lackeys are wrist-slapped and the rest of us are punished for our misdeeds is going to make us peasants dangerously mad?

Posted by Claire @ 01:08 PM CST

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