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01/15/2007 Archived Entry: "Fedgov says no spychips in those coins after all"

DO NOT BELIEVE THE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT REPORT. The new government report (which is unshatterably Truthful, as was the previous report, of course, until it became doubleplus unTruthful) states that there are no spychips implanted in any Canadian coins. There never were any spychips implanted in any Canadian coins. There will never be any spychips planted in Canadian coins.

All reports to the contrary are the work of wreckers and saboteurs. Trust Your Leaders. Do not even imagine that nefarious forces would ever, at any time, place spychips in any cash or currency or passports or driver's licenses. Such claims are malicious propaganda from the enemies of Our Glorious People's Democracy and will not be heeded by Patriotic Citizens. You have been warned.

Posted by Claire @ 10:29 AM CST

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