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01/16/2007 Archived Entry: "Is the Bush administration driven by pure vindictiveness?"

IS THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION MOTIVATED ONLY BY VINDICTIVENESS? According to this report, a Bush Defense Department official has stooped so low as to try to get corporations to pressure their law firms to quit also providing pro bono services to Guantanamo "detainees." (Here's a link with more info but no less fire.)

Those hapless detainees are already so overwhelmed by U.S. power, so tormented, so silenced, so crushed, so totally denied access to any semblance of due process that their plight touches the hearts of all decent people (and all who care about liberty). What can the administration hope to achieve by attempting to deny them even the minimal legal help they now have? And to do it in such a slithering, backhanded way?

Yes, the official in question was officially "rebuked." But does anybody reading this believe that it isn't Bush administration policy to use every dirty tactic to ensure that the most helpless prisoners are rendered even more helpless? It's what they've done time and again for five ghastly years. Charles Stimson delivered his message to corporations and the law firms that depend on their business. He was "rebuked" -- wink, wink, nod, nod. But the message -- the threat -- was indeed delivered.

Is this administration driven by anything other than a sort of sick, hazing, frat-boy type of macho -- a macho that considers social dominance to be the only goal, to be obtained at any price? The Busheviks remind me of bad-movie jocks using any form of brutality to put down nerds, even when the nerds represent not the slightest threat to their dominance. These people are sick. Fulfilling their own power cravings, they've ODed on ego.

Posted by Claire @ 09:27 AM CST

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