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01/18/2006 Archived Entry: "Assisted suicide v. Raich"

ON THIS WEEK'S DECISION TO UPHOLD ASSISTED SUICIDE, I was wondering if anybody but me was thinking this. Apparently a thoughtful few are.

I have real mixed feelings about assisted suicide. I favor it as a private option but dread the consequences of any state control over death and dying. I'm also glad to see almost any states-rights decision from the Supremes in these fed-focused times. But pro or con, it boggles the mind that the Nazgul think that death is a legitimate use of medicine, but alleviating pain and nausea in living patients is completely illegitimate. And that the states have the authority to legislate the morbid choice but not the joyful one.

One more example of government by insanity.

Posted by Claire @ 08:18 AM CST

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