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02/17/2007 Archived Entry: "Daniel Castillo, age 17, SWAT victim"

DANIEL CASTILLO, AGE 17. SHOT IN THE FACE. KILLED. A one-year-old baby was nearby. A young mother was screaming. What kind of conscienceless murderer would do this, you might ask? What kind of brutal gangbanger? What kind of monster -- and why aren't the police hot on his trail?

But no, you're a Wolfesblog reader. You don't even have to ask. You already know who did it. You know why detectives aren't rushing to arrest the culprit who shot an innocent teenager in cold blood. You know the justification, too. Somebody in the house or associated with the family was accused by yet another "confidential informant" of selling recreational drugs.

Radley Balko has been reporting for the last few days on the death of Castillo. The mainstream media, as usual, is ignoring this latest police-state outrage. Their capacity for Not Getting It (even after their brief flurry of Kathryn Johnston indignation) is a national disgrace.

Posted by Claire @ 11:58 AM CST

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