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02/09/2007 Archived Entry: "The Noob's Got a New Mommy and Daddy"

The Noob's got a new mommy and daddy!

Debra here. Shortly after I posted about finding a half-grown Rottweiler/German shepherd mix, I received a cautious email from a regular Wolfesblog reader who indicated he might be interested. He already had an older dog of the same mix. When his wife saw the photo, she said simply, "I want him."

The problem was that he lived A Considerable Distance Away, as Claire might put it. Actually, "considerable" is an understatement.

But let's face it -- dog people are nothing if not dedicated. Our hero drove all the way out here to pick up The Noob. I did offer to meet halfway, but he declined, modestly stating that he wanted to visit a friend in the area anyway.

I knew without a doubt that The Noob was going to the good life when the van pulled up, outfitted with portable kennel, doggie bed, toys, food & water, snacks ... you name it. Pics of his new home showed acres of tall trees, grassy fields, streams & ponds (hell, *I* wanted to be adopted at that point!) The fact that Mr. Hero turned out to be a darn nice guy in general was just icing on the cake.

Noob showed no fear or anxiety with his new daddy, sniffing around with interest, and jumping into the van -- and the portable kennel -- without hesitation when invited. (Meanwhile, my idiot Aussie -- whom we'd brought along for moral support -- was surreptitiously sneaking The Noob's snackies from the van when no one was watching...)

I've been getting updates on the Noob since he left. He was pretty freaked the first 24 hours, whining and anxious to the point of throwing up once. Fortunately, he's calmed down considerably. Which isn't to say he's letting Papa out of his sight for a minute -- they're attached at the hip last I heard. But I'm confident that once he settles into his new home and gets comfortable with his new parents and sibling, he should do just fine.

Thanks to everyone for their support in this, and special thanks to Mr & Mrs Hero. You guys rock!

Posted by Debra @ 05:12 PM CST

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