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06/09/2007 Archived Entry: "The yurt becomes a lovely place to work"

Yurt01_SMALL_060307 (87k image)

HOW ABOUT A LITTLE ORDINARY HAPPINESS, for a change? After four years in which my famous yurt was nothing but a messy storeroom and a winter abode for mice, I got inspired and spent the last month turning it into the kind of charming work space I've always wanted but never had. (Thank you, L and E for inspiring me to do this; E, I'm sorry you won't get to see it very soon.)

Damn near turned myself into a physical wreck, too, hauling every single piece of junk into the yard, building the wall, painting the floor, restoring the sun-wrecked cabinetry, then cleaning and sorting everything back in. Ouch, the poor body! But it was worth it.

Yet another great reminder that real life is better than bad news from afar.

It's very hard to get good and varied photos of a little 18-foot yurt, but here's another view that gives a bit of perspective.

And here's a different angle. BTW, any collectors of 1960s memorabilia out there? The black & white print in the foreground is a promotional piece for the Rolling Stones' 45, "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow," which shows all the very young (yes, they were young once, but no better looking than they are now) Stones in very unattractive drag. The huge poster against the back wall is, I believe, the very first-ever Jefferson Airplane/Fillmore Auditorium poster (before it was Fillmore West, before they were Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Starship, and all the other things they eventually became). The first was handed to me at a concert, way back when. The second was given to me by the printer. I'm not much of a keeper of "stuff." I'm pretty amazed these two (and two other Jefferson Airplane posters not shown) have followed me through my turbulent life.

The abominable snow-creature hovering over all three of these photos is a life-sized English sheepdog stuffed critter, an irresistable garage-sale purchase and, until now, a completely un-decorative dust gatherer.

Posted by Claire @ 01:06 PM CST

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