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12/04/2004 Archived Entry: "Filling little "drug" capsules"

I'M SITTING AT A TABLE TONIGHT, DOING SOMETHING I NEVER ANTICIPATED DOING AGAIN. Filling little gel capsules with powder. I haven't done this since I was 18. And my purposes then were slightly less "licit" than tonight's.

I'm scooping little measures of powdered ginger - the plain old table spice - into capsules on the recommendation of a chiropractor, who said ginger is one of nature's best anti-inflammatories. I don't usually have the success with supplements my friends often report. So we'll see.

But it felt so funny, going back to the days (the one or two days, really) that I cut LSD with white sugar (because I had no idea what "milk sugar" was, and that's what everybody always said they were cutting drugs with) before re-selling it to a friend.

It occurred to me to consider the conversation that might take place a month after I'd been gunned down by DEA agents for tonight's work:

"The mysterious tan powdered substance? It was ginger."



"Burn the lab report and we'll tell the investigating commission it was ... uh, pure Peruvian mocha flake, a new and particularly addictive variety of cocaine."

As a matter of fact, I'd guess that at least a handful of crimes actually were committed (mala prohibita type crimes, not mala in se) on the way to getting this ginger on my table.

It's probably against several laws for a chiropractor to "recommend" a dietary supplement. And when I went into the herb store to get the bulk ginger, it was probably against the law for the proprietor to say, "Ginger for inflammation? I'm surprised he didn't recommend turmeric. It's a far superior anti-inflammatory. And in cultures like India where they use large amounts of turmeric, they have a lower indidence of Alzheimers." (Very dicey thing selling any non-government-approved product by claiming it can treat or prevent a medical condition.)

So perhaps when those DEA agents bust in, they'll be in the right after all. "Ginger? You can cook it in Chinese food, woman. But use it as a drug and ..." BLAM!!!!!

Posted by Claire @ 12:00 PM CST

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