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02/07/2007 Archived Entry: "Keith Urban sues Keith Urban"

FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD, THE GUY'S NAME IS KEITH URBAN. No, he's not the singer Keith Urban. He's the painter Keith Urban. But in a new low in abuse of intellectual property law, the other Keith Urban (Mr. Nicole Kidman) is suing him to try to steal the guy's domain name.

Mr. Kidman complains that Mr. Urban is violating his trademark by using his own name. This is even more ridiculous than when Starbucks sued Samantha Buck Lundberg over the name of her coffee shop. (At least in that case the products were similar.)

I believe in the rights of creators to their own work. But there's a line between protecting what you've labored over and merely using your power and the government's to try to beat up on somebody less powerful.

Posted by Claire @ 01:18 PM CST

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