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11/21/2006 Archived Entry: ""Undermining the Constitution: A History of Lawless Goverment""

WHILE GOOGLING HITHER, THITHER, AND YON in research, I stumbled upon this old flawed gem of a book, whose entire contents appear to be online:

Undermining the Constitution: A History of Lawless Government by attorney Thomas James Norton, published 1950.

Mr. Norton didn't like the income tax. Didn't like social security. Didn't like "poorly informed university men" (and a big amen to that). Didn't like the Roosevelt administration (are we surprised?). Didn't like the fact that poor men of integrity can no longer serve in the U.S. Senate, thanks to amendment XVII. And he had both the legal chops and the brevity to say why without putting his readers to sleep.

Not exactly a libertarian. Certainly no fan (quite the contrary!) of Holy Democracy. But if you're looking for something interesting to read while the ravening hordes of your extended family are watching football, pillaging your kitchen, or arguing over which of your aunts was entitled to great-grandma's china even though some other aunt (how dare she?) inherited it, this could be just the ticket.

Posted by Claire @ 08:12 PM CST

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