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01/12/2004 Archived Entry: "Tracking teens by cellphone"

SNOOP-O-PHONE. The Iron Man sends this item, and asks, "And how long before they can turn on your cell phone's microphone remotely without you knowing? Voila! You're carrying around your own tracking device."

Parents will be able to track their teenagers 24 hours a day using secret bounce-back SMS messages.

Parents using the "text track" technology get a return SMS instantly revealing their child's location.

Teens will have no idea when their parents have done a check-up.

Child tracking will be within the budget of average parents. ...

The technology can also be used by employers to track workers.

The article says that "privacy experts" warn that pedophiles and stalkers could also hack into the system to locate kids. Nowhere in the article is it mentioned that gummint agents could also use a cheap system like this to track us. Whew, I guess we're safe then.

Posted by Claire @ 07:14 AM CST

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