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02/01/2004 Archived Entry: "New article, new forum"

DEBRA, BLESS HER GORGEOUS RED HEAD, just created a new forum at The Claire Files message boards dedicated to "gulching" and intentional communities. Yay! Let's DO it.

Every day, I get more grateful to General Elias Alias, Bark, Ladylearning, and the other soldiers of The Mental Militia for coming up with the idea for those forums and making them happen.

We're nearly up to 300 members now and yet we haven't lost any of the friendly, almost-familial, activist orientation we started with. Yeah, there's an occasional yammerhead or troll. But they're the definite exception in what's becoming one of the best (and most action-oriented) general libertarian discussions on the Net.

Something else new online today: "It Came From the Junk Drawer" -- my latest column on Backwoods Home. If you get bored with today's Stupor Bowl (between those great commercials, that is), check out this list of winter projects for peace of mind and security. Good stuff to do on snowbound afternoons and dark winter evenings.

Posted by Claire @ 11:53 AM CST

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