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06/29/2007 Archived Entry: "Partisans of Vilna/The Girl From The Forest"


And no one can solve the secret:
Who is this girl; what's her name?
She comes in the angry ghetto-autumn
Spreading the scent of revenge, consolidation.
And like the green herald of spring
Is sensed by the grass beneath the ice -
One hears, shackled in wrath,
The salvation-melody of her stride.

Blogispondent Ian here, with the opening stanza of a song written in the Vilna Ghetto, describing the messenger girls who were the Ghetto's communication with the outside world. I recently found a very well-done documentary DVD about the abortive Jewish resistance movement in Vilna, complete with a second disc of folk songs from the period. See the complete review and discussion here on TCF.

Posted by Ian @ 02:14 PM CST

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