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10/24/2005 Archived Entry: "Secede!"

VERMONTERS GET SERIOUS ABOUT SECESSION. They're talking about "jumping from the sinking ship of empire" and separating from a national government that's too big, too deep in debt, and has lost all moral authority.

Anybody going to be in that area this Friday? The convention is free and open to the public.

Vermont's rowdy activism suddenly makes the Free State Project's choice of neighbor New Hampshire more interesting. Er ... that might mean as in "interesting times." But definitely interesting. This "left-wing" freedom movement and NH's "right-wing" (sorry) freedom movement developing side-by-side with many overlapping goals and assumptions could also blow away a lot of political stereotypes.

(Thank you to SV for the very interesting link.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:39 AM CST

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