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10/22/2005 Archived Entry: "Head of new U.S. spy agency is none of your business"

JESUS H. FLIPPING CRACKERS!!! WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT IS THIS??? Not only is the U.S. setting up yet another new spy agency -- as if we didn't already have enough snooping and surveillance. But get this. Get this. You won't believe it.

The head of the new agency will be known only as "Jose" -- real name never to be revealed.

That's right. You're gonna pay his (or her) salary. But you're not even entitled to know your employee's name.

What? Do those cretins in Washington think they're all staring in a James Bond flick? Will Washington, DC, soon be filled with people called "Q" and "M" and "Jay" and "Kay"? How about "John Doe" or "Anon"? This has got to be a new low in both arrogance and paranoia. Not to mention more evidence that people at the very highest levels of the U.S. government are living in a fantasy world.

(Thanks -- although it really pains me to thank anybody for this kind of news -- to Katherine Albrecht and the CASPIAN staff list.)

Posted by Claire @ 04:10 PM CST

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