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03/20/2005 Archived Entry: "Free Linux CDs!"

FREE LINUX CDS! Now, this is very cool. Ubuntu Linux is giving away CDs -- free postage included -- as many as you can use.

Many Linux distros are free for downloading, but you (understandably) have to pay companies to mail you CDs. Ubuntu has gone one better. Go to the site linked above. Click on "Free CDs -- shipit" on the upper right -- and order away.

The shipment automatically includes both the installable version and the LiveCD, which lets you try the operating system before you make a big commitment. The default quantity is 10; they're really encouraging you to share Linux with your friends. But you can choose a bigger quantity or smaller. AND they promise not to spam your e-mail account or share your info with anybody.

I haven't tried Ubuntu yet, so no endorsement here. But when Velojym kindly told me about the offer, I just had to get me some. If Ubuntu is as friendly as people have said, my local friends who haven't tried Linux yet can expect me to show up on their doorsteps bearing shiny little discs.

Posted by Claire @ 11:53 AM CST

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