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12/21/2003 Archived Entry: "So what do we do about orange?"

JUST READ TOM RIDGE'S COMPLETE STATEMENT on raising the U.S. terror status from yellow to orange. What stands out, aside from the standard, maddening vagueness, is the total exclusion of ordinary citizens from all "homeland defense." What are we supposed to do, since the fedgov believes our lives, our country, our cities, our families, our futures are threatend?

Why, nothing, of course.

No, not quite nothing. We're supposed to comply more snappily with airport security. Take those computers out of their cases before the TSA screeners ask. Empty our pockets before we're told to.

That's it, folks. We can't be trusted to defend what's ours. Or even to be clued in about what might threaten everything we hold dear. Our only job in the defense of America (unless we hire on as government employees) is ... to shut up and comply with the secret plans of our betters.

Posted by Claire @ 03:23 PM CST

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