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09/12/2005 Archived Entry: "One shotgun + determination/Algiers Point Militia/Katrina chronology or errors"

FIVE NIGHTS IN THE DARK WITH A SHOTGUN. A Katrina survival story that every anti-gunner should read.

And and another one -- which also shows that the militia lives (and has room in it for young women, as well).

Also here's a lengthy article from the Boston Globe that's among the first to try to give a chronology of the disaster. It is, of course, almost entirely a chronology of government failure. I was the most surprised by the content of Louisiana governor Blanco's original request for federal aid. Boy, if that want list doesn't show the cluelessness and avarice of government priorities, nothing does.

(Thanks to SS for the shotgun story and Rational Review News for the chronology and the Algiers Point Militia story.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:41 PM CST

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