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05/04/2005 Archived Entry: "TSA says more info will mean less inconvenience"


Airline passengers soon will be asked to provide their full names and birth dates when they buy tickets.

In coming weeks, the Transportation Security Administration plans to require airlines to solicit the information. Passengers do not have to provide it, though if they don't there's a better chance they'll have to undergo more stringent screening at the airport, Justin Oberman, the TSA official in charge of the program, said Wednesday.

Oberman said having passengers' full names and birth dates will make it less likely that they'll be confused with people who are known or suspected terrorists.

"Far fewer people will be inconvenienced than they are today," Oberman said.

These are the same folks who put seven-year olds on terrorist watchlists, not to mention U.S. senators (who, come to think of it, have ruined more lives and wreaked more havoc than most suicide bombers ever manage). These are the people who can find and confiscate knitting needles while still missing at least 25 percent of the real weapons people carry onto planes. And now they assure us we'll be less inconvenienced by providing them with more information about ourselves? We're now responsible to help them make their effed up lists and completely arbitrary procedures work better?

If they cared about the job of actually investigating criminals, rather than randomly playing with data and snooping on the innocent, they wouldn't have to pull this crap. But then, if we were actual free people, they wouldn't dare pull this crap.

(Thanks, Mystery Reader.)

Posted by Claire @ 02:07 PM CST

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