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06/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Anti-Drug War pitch from an unexpected source"

A NEW ALLY AGAINST THE DRUG WAR. The crime novels of Tony Hillerman are one of my guilty pleasures. Hillerman's best-selling tales of Navajo tribal policemen Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn are a great escape. So I was surprised when his brand-newest, The Sinister Pig offered a couple of straight-out pitches for ending the drug war -- entirely ending it and legalizing all recreational drugs, not just reforming a few laws. Wow. A Hillerman novel is major mainstream. The meme is getting out there. Unfortunately, The Sinister Pig is about the weakest book in the whole series. But if you like crime novels and could use a little encouragement, consider it for your "lite" summer reading list.

Now, if Sue Grafton would only have Kinsey Millhone come out in favor of total decriminalization ... heaven.

Posted by Claire @ 10:37 AM CST

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