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05/06/2004 Archived Entry: "New book coming sooner than expected"

THE NEW BOOK IS COMING SOONER THAN EXPECTED! When I turned in the manuscript in on March 30, I expected a late-summer, early-fall release. That's the standard schedule. But Loompanics is just roaring ahead. The book will be out in JULY! Galleys are already in the hands of blurb writers. The title will be featured in the next catalog supplement. And the publisher will be starting to take pre-orders next week. This is great news. Many thanks to publisher Mike Hoy, and special thanks to editor Gia Cosindas, who just gets smarter and faster the more work they put on her shoulders.

I hear the sudden disappearance of 101 Things (after Loomps and I decided to pull it off the market) upset some distributors. One pleaded for just a couple of extra cases, please, please, please. Another said that had he known we were going to "disappear" the book he'd have asked that a special, final print run be done just for him.

Well, everybody can be happy soon. The new book, titled The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook, contains most of 101 Things -- all updated. But the subtitle tells the bigger story: "179 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution." It might not have quite the same ring as "101," but yep, it's a much bigger book.

Posted by Claire @ 08:41 AM CST

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