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02/25/2005 Archived Entry: "No privacy protectors on the Homeland Security privacy committee"


WASHINGTON - Privacy advocates say a committee set up recently to advise the Homeland Security Department on privacy issues amounts to little more than a fox guarding a chicken coop.

One member works for a high-tech company that distributed software that many computer users complained contained adware.

Another works for a conglomerate whose subsidiary turned over personal records of airline passengers to a government contractor.

A third works for a defense contractor from which thieves stole personal information on thousands of employees, making them vulnerable to identity theft.

Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of Counterpane Internet Security, a Mountain View, Calif., computer security company, and author of "Beyond Fear," said he looked at the 20-member list and laughed.

"It's just plain weird," Schneier said Thursday. "Where are all the privacy people?"

No surprise, unfortunately.

(Once again, from privacy super-sleuth Richard M. Smith.)

Posted by Claire @ 09:30 AM CST

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