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01/06/2005 Archived Entry: "New JPFO video "BATFE Fails the Test""

JPFO'S NEW DVD, "BATFE FAILS THE TEST" has apparently got the gun goons shaking in their boots. Unable to counter the blatant evidence that their "experts" are unscientific bumblers who don't even understand firearms, ATF agents are now spreading the rumor that the footage is fake.

HA! When you see it you know that the only thing "fake" about it is the BATFE's "expertise." I'm in awe of Len Savage (the real firearms expert you'll see in the film) having the guts to take these goons on.

You can order a VHS copy through this link or a DVD through this link. (Both are $17.76 postpaid, but the DVD is the way better choice, as it has a menu that takes you to key spots. Otherwise the footage is pretty rough to wade through.)

Posted by Claire @ 12:12 PM CST

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