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11/02/2005 Archived Entry: ""The Hardy Awards" now online"

THOUSANDS OF DESPERATE FANS clamored to know what happened to Hardyville yesterday.

Oh, okay, one guy asked, "Why isn't your November first column online yet, Claire? Miss another deadline, did you?" But it sounds better the other way. Anyhow, Hardyville remained hidden in its Brigadoon-like mists because the judges -- Oliver Del Signore, Wally Conger, and I -- were still in the thick of an all-night, knock-down drag-out, teeth-bared, no fussy little Marquess of Queensbury rules fight over which films of yesterday and today should win the all-important Hardy Awards. But the battle is over now. The victors are ... er, victorious. And the slightly battered judges can now crawl home to tend their wounds.

You guys who voted for the Free People's Choice Hardy Awards had it a lot easier, trust me.

Posted by Claire @ 06:21 AM CST

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