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05/09/2007 Archived Entry: "Real ID action - yesterday - May 8"


Silver here. I much prefer Garrison Keillor's phrase, the Achtung people. Whatever you call them, they claim that there is little or no opposition to REAL ID.

Bruce Schneier says it best.

Please, please, please, go to this Privacy Coalition site and submit your comments. The DHS has been making a big deal about the fact that so few people are commenting, and we need to prove them wrong.
It's time to rethink some of the security decisions made during the emotional aftermath of 9/11 and determine whether they're still a good idea for homeland security and America. After all, if Real ID was such a well-conceived plan, Maine and 22 other states wouldn't be challenging it in their legislatures or rejecting the Real ID concept for any number of reasons. But they are.

And we as citizens should, too. Let the debate begin.

They offfically stopped accepting email comments at 5 PM yesterday. I never read or heard about a comment period, and I generally pay pretty close attention to this stuff. I decided to send comments anyway. The Actung people can ignore them today just as well as they will ignore those sent yesterday. You must include "DHS-2006-0030" in the subject line.

If you don't want to read Schneier, at least click Privacy Coalition and send a pre-written email. I recommend changing a few words so that the Achtung people can't devise a simple filter to screen out identical comments.

If you prefer, go to the EFF's comment's page.

I've lost most of my hope (or perhaps it was nothing more than naivete) about political action. I sent an email, even after the deadline, because I want to put the lie to the claim that no one objects.

Posted by Silver @ 10:48 AM CST

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