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10/06/2004 Archived Entry: "SKS Aperture Sights"

Blogispondent Ian here. The SKS is a popular rifle for those on a budget, for good reasons. It has its shortcomings, though - like the sights. Those post-and-blade sights just suck. There are Mojo Sights available for them, but it appears that in another month or so there'll be an even better option. A company called Tech-SIGHTS is setting up to sell SKS aperture sights much like those on the AR-15. I've not tried one of their sights out (the web site says they'll be available for delivery on November 15th), but they look like they have a lot of potential. They mount onto the rifle's receiver (not the removeable top cover), so they should have no issues with holding zero. In addition, they're mounted at the rear of the receiver, giving the shooter about 10 extra inches of sight radius. Between that and the aperture design, I bet they'll make it much easier to shoot those SKSs accurately (no, I have no relationship with the company). When I get the chance to try one out, I'll give you an in-depth report, but for now I thought I'd give you all a heads-up on a new goodie.

Posted by Ian @ 06:52 PM CST

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