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01/20/2004 Archived Entry: "Now it's NASA and the Census Bureau"

SO NOW IT'S NASA AND THE CENSUS BUREAU. You know that data you gave to the friendly Census Bureau? The data they always said was strictly confidential, never identifiable by individual, and only, only, only ever used "in the aggregate," cross our heart and hope to die, so help us God? Well now we find out your census data ended up in that infamous NASA airline security study, too.

I know it's hard to bear the shock. But your government lied to you.

(No, wait a minute. Your government didn't lie to you. You're too bright to answer all those snoopy, unconstitutional questions about your race, children's birthdates, and the number of TV sets in your house, aren't you? The government just lied to all those other people, the naive, trusting, foolish, socialized ones who filled out their census forms diligently and are probably proud to find out they've been "chosen" to participate in a federal profiling project. Okay then. No harm done.)

Posted by Claire @ 08:53 AM CST

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