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04/02/2005 Archived Entry: "Noted privacy activist predicts freedom-tech sabotage"

FREEDOM MOLES TO THE RESCUE! Saving us from our current "Privacy Dark Ages" ...

If "logic and common sense" fail to shift public policy then "well placed" technicians might be prepared to sabotage invasive projects, [Simon] Davies [of Privacy International] predicted. He said government moves to systematically profile and monitor its citizens have inflamed techies - even though the public at large remain indifferent. Government surveillance efforts predate the 9/11 terrorist attacks and include many projects (such as Britain's ID card scheme) of questionable utility. ...

"If logic and common sense doesn't prevail within five years then well-placed techies may be tempted to resort to 'guerrilla warfare' tactics. We’ve talking about a resistance – along the lines of what happened in France in World War II - not wild-eyed activists," Davies said.

What's most encouraging is that this small light being shined into our dark age comes from a respectable source and is being reported in a mainstream (albeit non-U.S.) medium. Until now, only we little Outlaws have been calling for the monkeywrenching of citizen-control databases. While Davies chooses his words carefully -- predicting, not advcating -- his message is clear enough.

Tech moles, your fellow Outlaws salute you!

Posted by Claire @ 01:08 PM CST

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