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03/11/2004 Archived Entry: "Sunni weighs in against the "FairTax""

SUNNI MARAVILLOSA WEIGHS IN AGAINST THE "FAIRTAX." She links to the taxers' own Web site. And you know what? It looks phony to me. It's supposed to be some "people's" group. But finding out what actual people are behind it is a bit of a trick. It's very bland, too. Almost looks like what some bureaucrat would wrongly imagine a grassroots tax-reform Web site would look like.

Well, whoever's behind a national "consumption" tax is no friend to liberty, as I blogranted a few days back. Mark my words, the "FairTax," should it ever be inflicted upon us, will make us nostalgic for the days when the IRS ruled alone. The FT will be that much awfuller. And we'll have it on top of the income tax.

Posted by Claire @ 09:50 PM CST

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