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02/03/2004 Archived Entry: "Dogs on PBS"

MAYBE I REALLY WILL HAVE TO RECONSIDER THAT NO-TV THING. Dogs, dogs, dogs tonight on NOVA. The show's about how dogs evolved from wolves and why they're such an amazingly diverse species today. For the Un-TV'd there's some pretty good stuff on the Web site, too -- including an article about dogs as social parasites. Wince. (But it's true. Mine are. "Working dogs?" they scoff, "We're welfare dogs. So where's our handout!?")

Thank you to Karen De Coster for pointing the show out and for starting a Dog-o-Rama on her Web site. If you've got cute pix of your favorite pups, send 'em to Karen. Oh yeah, add a description about your critters' anarcho-libertarian tendencies, too. And if they don't have any, make something up!

Posted by Claire @ 07:35 AM CST

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