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07/26/2007 Archived Entry: "Best gun buy-back EVAR"


Blogispondent Ian here. I think we've all heard of the neat idea of going to those inner-city "gun buybacks" and buying up all the usable guns people bring to turn in. It's a cool sounding idea, but has some practical problems (like, how many decent guns really get turned in? Next to none). But that's not to say one can't make good use of something as silly as a gun buyback. Check it out:

One gun-rights group in Illinois (yes, apparently there are still some embattled gun owners in Illinois) found out about an upcoming Chicago program offering $100 prepaid credit card for any gun turned in. The group members dug through their closets and attics and turned up a whole pile of broken, obsolete, and just plain worthless firearms.

One member, acting as clueless about guns as the organizers of the event, proceeded to turn this junk in 10 guns at a time to several of the buyback locations. His bags of rusty junk revolvers was, in the course of the morning, turned several thousand dollars worth of prepaid Mastercards. And here's the best part - the money was then used to help fund a local youth shooting camp. Ha! What cooler thing to do than take the gun-grabbers' money and use it to introduce youngsters to shooting sports? cool eh?

Read the whole story at the above link for all the great details.

Posted by Ian @ 05:42 PM CST

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