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10/03/2003 Archived Entry: "The totally uncompromising libertarian community"

WHOTTA HOOT. All my life I've heard, "You've got to learn to compromise." "Your expectations are too high." "You're too radical."

Now, because I support the Free State Project, I'm being accused, along with a whole lot of anarcho-pals, of abandoning my principles in order to compromise with, legitimize, and even strengthen, the state. I keep insisting I'm not actually going to move to New Hampshire so I can take up v*ting -- that I will continue my commitment to non-coercive cultural change, redoubled and put into local action. But who'd listen to such a debauched and compromised soul as I?

All this proves is that libertarians haven't yet settled such pressing quesions as how many Ayn Rands can dance on the head of a cigarette or who built the canals of Mars.

I have a challenge for the 100-percent principled among us. Here are the specs:

Submit your plan on The Claire Files message boards, General Discussion forum, topic header "The Uncompromising Community."

Posted by Claire @ 07:58 PM CST

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