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10/04/2003 Archived Entry: "Jobs for the free"

LIBERTY AT WORK. Here's Free State Ads, a brand-new online market where liberty lovers can offer their services or seek to contract for services. It's set up for Free State porcupines (I believe only FSP members and friends can place no-cost ads). But somehow I don't think anybody would mind if non-FSPers wanted to purchase offered services or extend work to the willing. There's not a lot on the site yet, but the setup is good and obviously designed with respect for privacy.

Here's a hope: That as many freedom lovers as possible will think in terms of entrepreneurship or small, independent businesses, rather than job-jobs. The expression "wage slavery" is painfully true, entangling us automatically in all kinds of unwholesome dependencies on, and obligations to, government and government's partners.

Posted by Claire @ 09:34 AM CST

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