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11/16/2005 Archived Entry: "Recapping today's news"

A QUICK RECAP OF TODAY'S NEWS before I shut the computer down for the evening and enjoy some peace.

1. There's a new blog in town. Police State USA is the project of Michael Paladin. I'll be adding it to the blogroll.

2. Now that the fedgov has admitted (with a slew of ifs ands and buts) that yes, it did use white phosphorus as a weapon in urban combat in Iraq, the United States once again faces a "Propaganda Nightmare of Chemical Hypocrisy." The inmates of that insane asylum on the Potomac are going to bring down the wrath of the entire world upon us.

3. Speaking of which, we hear so much about "detainees." But we never hear numbers. I'll bet a lot of us think they're talking a few thousand, at most. Alas, no. From Dana and Breitbart come some depressing statistics.

Overall, the Busheviks have "detained" 83,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and that's without benefit of the protections of either prisoners of war or common criminals. Some have been let go. The record number of detainees being held on any one day: 13,900.

4. I have finally found something on which I can 100 percent agree with George W. Bush: "There's an enemy that lurks and plots and plans and wants to hurt America." Yes indeed. And that enemy is doing the most outstandingly good job -- ruining America's reputation all over the world, creating deadly, fanatical enemies, destroying the country's economy, trampling its individual liberties, federalizing what ought to be free-market functions, and just generally turning a formerly decent country into a &^%$#ed-up paranoia state. Mr. Bush ... you really ought to do something to stop that enemy.

(That final link was found via Michael Paladin's new blog. Check it out.)

Posted by Claire @ 08:48 PM CST

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