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09/30/2003 Archived Entry: "JetBlue and the Pentagon aren't the only culprits"

JETBLUE AND THE PENTAGON AREN'T THE ONLY ONES. Turns out that NASA -- NASA????? -- requested 15 million passenger records from Northwest Airways for a similar "security" study. Nobody is saying whether Northwest actually finked on its customers, as JetBlue did. But the idea of handing over the records apparently originated with Northwest's security manager, Jay Dombrowski. So it's a good chance we'll find out they dunnit.

JetBlue is now being sued by angry passengers. Couldn't happen to a nicer airline.

But since NASA a) doesn't fly any passengers anywhere or oversee anyone who does and b) can't even construct safe transport for its own astronauts ... what the heck does it think it's doing? Now, that's a mystery I long to see solved.

Info on Northwest and NASA is courtesy of Kirsten Tynan of the Space Entrepreneurship Network You go, Space Entrepreneurs. Get us OFF this government-crazy planet!

Posted by Claire @ 11:23 AM CST

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